We launched Rescue Plastics to address the global plastic pollution problem we all experience. We are helping our planet by removing plastics from our waterways and transforming it into high-performance fabric for active and leisure wear clothing. By doing so we can live our lives to the fullest and at the same time have a positive impact on our world, communities and self.

All of our products are manufactured in LEED-certified fair labor facilities. And as we launch new pieces, we’ll be implementing a recycling system where you can return your previously purchased clothing once you are done wearing and we’ll give you a credit towards future purchases and recycle it back into future apparel lines…creating sustainable fashion.

We believe that people want to do good and feel good…stay active, eat well, wear things that bring out the best in us. We don’t need to compromise to be our best. With Rescue Plastics we can do this and also have a positive impact on our planet. Activate a better you with Rescue Plastics!